• Designation: Director of Early Learning and Extended Care

Name: Elizabeth Bennet

Title: Director of Early Learning and Extended Care

I am Elizabeth Bennet and I am the Director of Superior Schools’ Tampa Preschool and Extended Care program this year. This is my second year as a Director in the field of early childhood education; I entered the field in 2015 after graduating with my associate in Early Childhood Education. I started out with Superior School’s teaching VPK and PreK-3 at the Clearwater campus and stayed there for 4 school years. This year, I hope to shape and motivate all children while also creating a welcoming, secure space for them to learn and grow.

I teach because guiding a child in a new experience or topic and seeing how they understand it and how it molds them gives me the motivation to grow myself! Providing students with an environment where they feel safe and comfortable expressing themselves makes it all worth it.