There are so many benefits of hands-on learning in children, which is why we highly encourage our parents to be involved and provide hands on activities alongside what they do in the classroom. Hands-on learning increases depth of knowledge, critical thinking skills, and creativity among students. It actually activates different regions of the brain allowing for improved memory retention and processing information. Oh yeah…and it makes kids excited about school!

Who doesn’t love a good adventure with ample opportunities to discover new things and new ways of doing things. We want to create students who think outside of the box, find new approaches, who are creative, and who have the abilities to have a positive change on the world! There are hands on learning benefits for teachers/parents as well. They make lesson planning easier, improve classroom management, increase attention span and class participation (just think of how much less boring school would be if you knew your students were fully engaged in what they were learning.

There are also hands-on education benefits associated with multi-sensory approaches to teaching, for example, there are specific learning styles where students learn better through the use of music or art therapy. It increases engagement and memory to the subject matter. Research shows that hands-on learning can lead to enhanced retention and improved skills for years after the lessons end. Most of the things that I learned in school and still remember to this day are because of a song or a picture associated with it what I was learning.

If we want to create a better world with extraordinary people in it, we need to take action and start with the best possible learning environment for students at home and in the classroom. There are so many benefits to hands on learning that we want our students to receive. It starts with us to help create a better world, and up to our students to make the change!

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