The number one best way all children learn is by doing, exploring, and playing. Especially in the creative little minds, whose imaginations are running wild all day! We shouldn’t try to tame the imagination, instead ignite that gift that children have, so they can explore all possibilities and be continuously learning new things all day long. Exploring and playing are the two biggest ways I learned as a child, your parents tell you not to do something but you do it anyways, but it’s not going to be them telling you “no” that will help you learn, it’s the outcome of the event (that is probably negative) that they were told not to do that will help them learn not to do it again once they realize they didn’t like the outcome!

The same goes with going to new places and discovering new things. I grew up in crystal beach and as a child my favorite thing was to go to the beach and explore! We would usually walk along the water or down the dock and watch for sea life or try to find seashells, but one day we went over to the huge overgrown trees that had drooping branches in all different shapes, sizes and patterns and I was so intrigued! I walked up to them and started trying to climb the trees, seeing how far and high I could go. I learned many different lessons climbing those trees as a child; to trust my instincts when climbing, where to go and where not to go, overcoming my fears and climbing higher each time, and it grew my fascination with nature and I began wanting to learn more about trees, plants, flowers and the growth of all these things, meanwhile I was growing knowledge and experience just by having fun climbing on the trees.

Children are so adventurous and absorbent, so let them explore all things because there’s a great chance, they will learn something even if you think they are just playing or exploring! Below I have a great site linked about how children learn through play and exploring, and they also have ample different ideas of things to do, places to go, things to explore and activities to help engage your children while knowing they will be learning so many new cool things!

Learning and Exploring Through Play

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