Parental Involvement Matters!

My parents were my rocks all throughout my schooling and growing up. My mom played a big role in my academics making sure I was always on top of assignments, making friends and communicating with teachers and professors. My dad pushed me through school with my dream, which was to play college soccer. Before I could go to practice or to the gym I had to do all my work for school because I was going to be more than an athlete, my schooling was going to carry me through the best pathway in life. Because of them I am where I am today, I am in my last semester of college, graduating early and about to receive my Bachelors Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications with a Business Degree, and I got to be a collegiate athlete. Because of their diligence and dedication to me and my schooling and having relationships with my schools, teachers and coaches I was as successful as I could have been. I owe it all to them, as my life in the real world is just beginning and I am on my journey to the top, I want to give back to them as much as I can because I am so grateful to have the best role models to work with me, push me, be there for me and most importantly love me through everything I have done. On and off the field, in and out of the classroom- they were there. I would give them the world to repay them if I could, and I hope all of the children of the future generations are luck enough to have parents like mine to help them through school, sports and most importantly through life!

Just as anyone would, children thrive when they have the support of their parents in and out of the classroom. Having a support system to encourage, guide and help them through the ups and downs of learning makes all the difference. Schools and teachers alone cannot address all of a child’s developmental needs, the involvement of family is essentials for success.

A strong partnership between schools and families to educate children about more things that just math and science, but about life. Morals, manners, ethics, character, determination, passion, and hard work. There is so much more to learning than reciprocating what comes out of a textbook, the bigger picture is shaping the young minds that will essentially be our future. Their minds are so open and exploring to all things that come their way. So eager to learn and try new things it is crucial that we put our best out to our children because at the end of the day, they want to be just like their role models. This is why the standards should be the same at home and at school to build a cohesive pathway for the little ones to follow.

As the world becomes crazier, society becomes more complex and needs become more demanding, we have to stick together as educators (parents and teachers) so we can guide them through the crazy thing that is called life. Building a trusting and respected relationship that many teachers and parents fail to create is so beneficial for the child. We all want to be on the same page in this book of life where learning is the root of each day for students, we want to give them the best chance at success! Showing children how to build relationships can start with you in the classroom. The two people they look up to the most should have a relationship and communicate often, because they both have the child’s best interest at heart, why not work together and create a powerhouse team.

The years of early learning are very special but very important. The main focus is the child’s development of social, physical, mental, motor and emotional skills to guide them down the best pathway for success. It starts with us, we are the role models, we are the leaders they are going to follow because they trust us. Why not trust each other to create the best possible outcome for each student. We are shaping the young minds to better ours and their future, we are the causation of their choices in life. So, start by making a good first choice and set the example for your child- get involved, ask questions, communicate often, create a home-school team!

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